Call For Papers

Submission Deadlines & Decisions

For each submission, one of the following decisions will be made:

Accept:: Papers in this category will be accepted for publication in the proceedings and presentation at the conference, possibly after making minor changes with the oversight of a shepherd (Minor Revision). Within one month of acceptance, all accepted papers must submit a camera-ready copy incorporating reviewer feedback.

Major Revision:: A limited number of papers will be invited to submit a major revision; such papers will receive a specific set of expectations to be met by that revision. Authors can submit a revised paper to the next two submission deadlines after the notification. The authors should clearly explain in a well-marked appendix how the revisions address the comments of the reviewers. The revised paper will then be re-evaluated, and either accepted or rejected. We will try to assign the same set of reviewers.

Reject:: Papers in this category are declined for inclusion in the conference. Rejected papers must wait for one year, from the date of original submission, to resubmit to the ASCIS. The paper will be judged to be a resubmit (as opposed to a new submission) if the paper is from the same or similar authors, and a reviewer could write a substantially similar summary of the paper compared with the original submission. As a rule of thumb, if there is more than 40% overlap between the original submission and the new paper, it will be considered a resubmission.

All papers accepted by Camera Ready deadline adhering to the plagiarism norms will appear in the proceedings of ASCIS-2023 and author(s) invited to present their work.

Types Of Submissions

A paper can be considered as “Full paper” (scientific research papers, surveying works and industrial experiences describing significant advances) or “Short paper” (a work in paper that is no longer than 8 pages, including references). The unimplemented ideas can also be submitted in the form of posters. The author(s) may have to make a presentation on their posters at the venue specified during the conference.

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.

All paper submissions must contain a title, a short abstract, and a list of keywords. All submissions will be subjected to a thorough double review process.

Submitted papers shall be anonymised and all author names, affiliations, acknowledgements, and obvious traceable references should be eliminated to be eligible for the review process.

Authors are also encouraged to propose position papers on practical studies and experiments, critique of existing work, emerging issues, and novel ideas under development. Enterprises and research centers developing, implementing, or using security tools and frameworks are encouraged to propose application / tool demos.

All the selected papers of ASCIS would be published as proceedings. It is planned to publish the proceedings with Springer in Computer and Information Science series.

Information for Authors of Springer

Proposals for special sessions, tutorials, and workshops should provide sufficient detail to evaluate them.

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Instructions for the Authors

Submitted manuscripts should represent novel research contributions.

To prepare your manuscript under Peer review rules:

  • Carefully review the figures and appendices to ensure affiliations are not accidentally included
  • When referring to your previous work, do so in the third person, as though it were written by someone else.
  • Authors may include links to websites that contain source code, tools, or other supplemental material.

Submissions should be as per the SPRINGER CCIS guidlines Latex Template    Word Template . Kindly note that we prefer the use of US English.